With the right partners, the market is global

The process of identifying and selecting potential partners is of paramount importance. At the same time, the focal point should be searching for that which aligns the two organizations.

askblue hits a total revenue of 13.5 million euros in 2020

The increasing relevance on international markets has been fundamental for the achieved growth of 25%, with relevant projects on the north American and northwestern european markets. Digital transition, together with agile development, have been focus areas

How to manage technological talent: the most important characteristics in managers (but also in employees)

In good Portuguese, the popular expression – “having enough to spare” – characterizes the abundance of something. Combining it in the context of technological talent seems almost counterintuitive. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say almost the opposite, which allows us to recognize the undoubted importance of two crucial vectors in the management of technological talent: capturing and monitoring.

OutSystems Congratulates the 2020 Innovation Award Winners

Santander deployed a New Mortgage Process in an incredibly short time frame, delivering a superior user experience along with a more efficient loan experience for the customer. The impact on their business was impressive: NPS raised up to 50%, costs reduced by 50%, average end-to-end time lowered by 50%, and sales increased to 35%.