askblue Innovation Lab


Knowledge Promotes Innovation

At askblue we believe that knowledge promotes innovation. The Innovation Lab, or i.Lab, keeps up with the latest technology trends and promotes knowledge transfer to our clients’ teams, partners and employees.
For our customers, the i.Lab usually demonstrates the potential of a new technology by performing a proof of concept (PoC), with the development of a web portal or mobile application, applied to a business process or part of it. We understand that the best way to evaluate the potential of a new technology is to integrate it into a concrete customer journey and analyze its improvements.

On its service portfolio, i.Lab has services for planning and creating technological centers of excellence (CoEs), technological renovations, analysis and definition of application architecture, platform or data migrations, load testing, as well as analysis of the quality of application code, with particular attention to performance and computer security issues.

Within askblue, i.Lab promotes regular training in various technologies such as OutSystems, .Net and Java, and encourages our employees to obtain technical certifications.