askblue continues to grow in 2021, plans to hire 100 employees next year
The company enhanced its services and international presence, with projects in the US, Europe, and the Middle East markets

askblue, a Portuguese technology and business consulting company, will close the year in a new growth cycle and plans to hire around 100 employees in 2022.

“Growth is a blueprint in askblue‘s path, standing this year above 20%, in line with the annual budget. Overall, we have strengthened our offers, secured new clients in the banking and insurance sectors, and we have an increasingly stronger presence in the international markets. In addition to the United States of America and Europe, we have reactivated partnerships in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where we provide all kinds of support, from fundraising, defining the offer and projects execution with our teams,” says Pedro Nicolau, CEO of askblue.

In the beginning, the international component of askblue was focused on application development, but today it presents new offers, such as integrated maintenance information systems. To respond to the higher volume of business in this field, the Operations’ Business Unit has been growing continuously. The askblue Technology Center (ATC) – a support center focused on the evolutionary maintenance of projects, especially in OutSystems, .NET, and Java technologies – expanded its presence to Brazil, reinforcing the teams that already existed in Lisbon, Coimbra, and Terceira hubs.

In 2021, askblue was also in a process of adaptation to the enormous challenges posed by COVID-19. “The pandemic context did not help, but we were able to develop all projects from home, even with greater productivity. However, the commercial relationship with our customers had to evolve in another way, to better respond to their needs, as we were farther apart in our day-to-day activities. The same happened with our coworkers. Our mission is to tackle physical distancing and promote a safe and flexible return of our staff to the offices. We prepared an app to manage attendance, space occupation, and parking. The offices must always be a meeting point, but in safety, following public health measures,” says Pedro Nicolau.

After reaching 400 employees this year, askblue intends to grow to 500 in 2022. This increase is in line with the complexity and dimension of the company’s customer base, which is spread across several countries.

“This strengthening of the teams is one of askblue‘s competitive advantages and shows how we are growing. Currently, we have entered a unique level for a company with 100% Portuguese capital and a turnover of around €16 million,” says Pedro Nicolau.

The next year will be marked by growth in ​​innovation, responding to the demands of markets that are increasingly looking for solutions for digital transformation processes. As trump cards, askblue will invest in more specialization of its business areas, through agile development methodologies, design thinking, the nearshore model, and in-depth knowledge of the sectors in which it operates, ranging from banking, insurance, services, industry, utilities, among others.

“We will continue to grow sustainably and with greater specialization of our offer. In 2022, we want our employees to have even more participation, especially in the innovation processes developed by askblue. At the same time, we have not given up on the commitment to the quality of our delivery, which is a differentiating factor,” says Pedro Nicolau.