askblue Operations

Running Business as Usual

Organizations increasingly focus their concerns on profitability and focus their resources on new challenges, namely in the digital and technological transformation of business. At the same time, their application park and existing processes require the monitoring and focus of teams that simultaneously maintain their operation and evolution, but are also apt and focused to ensure that they are at the forefront of digital transformation and approach to business.

At askblue we aim to guarantee all the procedures and the monitoring of the processes and technology of our clients’ day-to-day. We complement the support of organizations in the needs of innovation, as well as the management of people and services.

Through our experience in this practice and business knowledge, general and vertical, we ensure the daily activity of organizations, allowing more efficient management of resources and technology in transformational processes. Our ability to iterate and guide our clients ensures that they have continuous knowledge and follow-up of the relevant processes, as well as the possibility of continuing to participate and influence in a positive and consequent way their constant evolution, in partnership.

The specific askblue delivery methodologies are tailored to the needs and requirements of each service and customer, taking into account quality and agreed SLAs and their constant improvement and optimization.


At askblue, we aim to guarantee all the procedures and the monitoring of the processes and technology of our clients’ day-to-day. We are responsible for the evolutionary and corrective maintenance of their applications in critical activities and businesses, regardless of suppliers and platforms used. We approve approaches and teams to the size and technology of each specific maintenance.

With the accumulated experience of the market, this type of practices and services, as well as the business, we ensure the predictive and not only corrective maintenance of its services. In addition, the focus is on Problem Management in order to minimize the recurring maintenance of the same type of incidents and deviation of effort that should be applied in evolutionary maintenance and / or optimization of response capacity and service levels.

Through our offers we aim to progressively improve the existing reality, with regard to business, features and cost. We aim to assure our clients of added value in improving performance, operation, revenue and time-to-market. For this purpose, in critical applications and / or dimension, we analyze and propose an evolutionary Roadmap to be adapted according to the needs and objectives of the clients.

Our approaches are based on unique methodologies, aligned with the best practices, our concrete project experience and the delivery needs of each client and service, with the flexibility and focus needed to fit the concrete challenges that clients have or the challenges presented to us.