Business Transformation

Business consultancy at its best

In a context of evolution and continuous change, the challenges of organizations are to increase their capacity for transformation, a logic of consistency and consistency of management measures, which ensures the achievement of goals at present and the simultaneous sustainability of results in the long term.

The Business & Transformation business unit responds to the change needs of organizations, incorporating in its services design thinking methodologies allied to agile approaches and focusing on innovation and transformation of the business, operations and organization, based on the needs of people (customers, consumers and employees).
 We offer business consulting services dedicated either to the processes and performance of organizations and their resources, or to transformation programs (digital), supported in Business & Service Design and Experience & Interaction Design.

Digital Business Transformation

We support clients in the execution and management of (digital) transformation programs, through our consulting experience, oriented towards the definition and implementation of the governance model and the operating model, ensuring coherence with the agile methodologies of program execution.

We help design and implement the cultural and structural changes within the organization that are essential for adapting the new experience and its sustainability.

Business & Service design

We deliver integrated holistic experiences (products and services) from a collaborative approach with the stakeholders, making them active participants, facilitating the design and implementation of new solutions through the application of collaborative design methodologies oriented towards building client-centric experiences.

User experience design

We analyze in detail the motivations, signal the pain-points and identify the potential opportunities for users along a journey using essential visual tools for the definition of new products and intuitive coherent services.

Interaction design

We create a visual identity for the product materialized in appropriate copies, hierarchical visual/sound and behaviors that may result in a quick adaptation and an intuitive and satisfactory functional use.