Outsourcing Brings Added Value
Specialization and quality are some of the advantages of IT outsourcing in current context. Sandra Tenazinha, Head of Outsourcing at askblue, explains other benefits that make this model attractive to organizations from different sectors.

An IT outsourcing service turns out to be a partnership relationship?

Outsourcing brings great advantages, namely the specialization of the service provided, the quality of delivery and guaranteed success. In fact, we can speak of a relationship of partnership, but it is very important that the outsourcing companies operate in a serious and professional way. Success is only possible through extreme trust.

What outsourcing models are there?

We can choose to work in one of three models: offshore, onshore and nearshore, according to the characteristics of each organization and business. The outsourcing allows companies to focus on what is their core business, its main activity. In addition, it must be seen as an integral part of the solution that brings with it numerous advantages, such as innovation, differentiation, flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency and a significant reduction in fixed costs. Outsourcing brings without a doubt, added value to any organization.

What are the current challenges and difficulties?

Over 28 years in the outsourcing area, I went through many changes and storms, as well as states of spirits and markets, always overcoming difficulties with a focus and a solution in sight. Today, this focus continues to exist, the solution is that it is difficult, because the changes brought by Covid-19 are huge. Both remote and hybrid work has brought many habits changes, even cultural. Adaptation was very fast. and now we don’t want to go back, for reasons like saving time and money, for people either for organizations. Alternatives to work in a remote model emerged that absorbed practically all available intellectual capacity and provoked enormous instability in people, companies, in society in general

Can we say that there are lack specialized resources?

The market faces a gigantic imbalance between supply and demand for IT professionals. Companies find it difficult to identify qualified professionals’, how to retain them, and to control estimated costs.

But, on the other hand, the technical quality is recognized inside and outside the country.

Yes, indeed. In Portugal, the quality of professionals is quite high, so they are drawn to international challenges. There is a lot of technical know-how because there is an excellent training and recent graduates finishes university with high quality and excellent foundations. This is combined with the ability to speak languages ​​and the easy way to adapt to different cultures. The Portuguese have a true adventurous spirit, a practical sense of life. We are recognized all over the world, in different areas, and we have developed and created many world-renowned reference companies as true success stories.

In this context, you would say outsourcing is an added value for any organization?

We have a growing market and outsourcing brings, guaranteed, added value to any business. However, it is necessary to retain the best national and international professionals, and one of the best ways to do it is to offer better and different work conditions. We all have to face this challenge together, facing it with the normality of these new times.

Sandra Tenazinha
Head of Outsourcing – askblue