Mercer Viva360 Employee Benefits Digital Platform

CASE STUDY ASKBLUE “With Outsystems low-code platform we are able to deploy a new employee benefits portal in less than a year, delivering a superior user experience, more functionality and new possibilities to scale and evolve with flexibility, aligned with our clients’ changing needs.” images © Mercer Challenge Improve employee engagement, control employer costs and […]

Fundação José Neves ISA Platform

CASE STUDY ASKBLUE “The ISA platform is a key tool to our objective of contributing to Portugal‘s human development through education” images © Fundação José Neves Challenge Facilitates a universal access to education to all Portuguese learners based on an Income Share Agreement (ISA) product. Solution & Goal The ISA FJN Platform was designed according to […]

CTT AI Postal Warehouse Platform

CASE STUDY ASKBLUE “With OutSystems low-code platform we are able to deploy a new warehouse platform in less than six months, more efficient, future proof, and aligned with our corporate customers changing needs.” images © CTT Correios de Portugal Challenge Postal shipping for enterprise customers is a very operational demanding business and needs to be […]

Santander New Mortgage Process

CASE STUDY ASKBLUE “With Outsystems low-code platform we were able to deploy a New Mortgage Process in a short time frame, delivering a superior user experience with a more efficient process.” images © Banco Santander Totta Challenge Digital transformation end-to-end of the Mortgage Process in Santander PT.  Solution & Goal The main goal was to […]

With the right partners, the market is global

The process of identifying and selecting potential partners is of paramount importance. At the same time, the focal point should be searching for that which aligns the two organizations.

askblue hits a total revenue of 13.5 million euros in 2020

The increasing relevance on international markets has been fundamental for the achieved growth of 25%, with relevant projects on the north American and northwestern european markets. Digital transition, together with agile development, have been focus areas