Do not put off till tomorrow what you can test today

The importance of ensuring that apps work as expected is increasingly growing in a context where business is more and more software dependent. An online store that is not available for customers for hours can mean thousands of euros in lost revenue and a negative effect on reputation. The larger the number of applications a company has, which can be hundreds in a bank or insurance company, the greater the benefit of Quality Assurance services, says Miguel Freire, partner at askblue.

askblue opens two new offices in Brazil

askblue will open two offices in Brazil, one located in Goiânia and the other in São Paulo, “it is a milestone in the company’s internationalization”, says the CEO of askblue, Pedro Nicolau.

Outsourcing Brings Added Value

Specialization and quality are some of the advantages of IT outsourcing in current context. Sandra Tenazinha, Head of Outsourcing at askblue, explains other benefits that make this model attractive to organizations from different sectors.

Computer security is only as strong as its weakest component

In a context of increasing digital transformation and constant cyberattacks, as we have recently seen in Portugal, the downtime of an application means failures in services provided by a company, usually with a negative impact on reputation and high financial costs.

Digital banking challenges in post-pandemic times

The acceleration and digital transformation of banking during the pandemic has been widely observed, analyzed, and recorded through various indicators that point out, among others, the exponential increase in the number of users and transactions carried out on digital channels, banking apps, and fintech firms.

Why employee journey is important

The IT market is fierce, as well as the competition in hiring the best talent. With no magic solutions to overcome these challenges, companies can play an important role: providing a perspective of the future to their employees.

Paulo Nunes promoted to partner at askblue

Paulo Nunes was recently promoted to partner at askblue and will join the Executive Board of the company.
As a result of his contribution and dedication, the promotion is a natural progression.
Since he joined askblue four years ago, Paulo Nunes is focused on the international markets, namely northern Europe, America, and the Middle East, which has grown significantly in 2021.
Paulo Nunes also leads the Junior Talent Unit (JTU), managing the training and recruiting programs.