askblue opens two new offices in Brazil
askblue will open two offices in Brazil, one located in Goiânia and the other in São Paulo, “it is a milestone in the company's internationalization”, says the CEO of askblue, Pedro Nicolau.

The two new offices will be focused on providing digital transformation solutions for the financial, industrial, agribusiness and pharmaceutical sectors.

To lead the operation in Brazil, Maycon Silva has been appointed Country Manager. Marcelo Vasconcellos, a professional with over 30 years of experience in consulting in the areas of information technology, has been appointed responsible for the São Paulo office. 

“Askblue has developed projects in various parts of the world (Europe, United States of America and the Middle East), but we understand that there is a unique business development opportunity in Brazil. On the one hand, the IT market in this region opens up space for our offering in sectors of enormous relevance. On the other hand, Brazil has important university centers and is the place where askblue currently has partners who work remotely with the company,” explains Pedro Nicolau. 

The integration of these Brazilian partners into the new office will be done gradually, as the operation in the country develops. “Thanks to new work models, it will be possible for them to continue working on the various projects we have in different geographies. Nevertheless, the idea is for them to be more dedicated to the opportunities we will have in Brazil,” notes Pedro Nicolau. 

In recent years, askblue has focused on hiring professionals in Brazil. With the new offices, this recruitment option will be deepened, as will the establishment of partnerships with educational institutions. “There will be a focus on human resource training, with askblue’s own methodology, through academies. In parallel, we already have partnerships with local universities, such as the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Goiás” says Maycon Silva.